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Meet your Liberal Democrat Campaigner

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Brian Barrett

A well-known and respected figure in Heneage through his work as a compère at the Birds Eye Social Club, Brian has helped to create a welcoming space where people can come together and connect. His involvement in the social club has allowed him to gain an even deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of the community, further fueling his determination to make a positive difference in Heneage.


Brian is deeply committed to improving the area he calls home. Having observed the gradual decline of the neighbourhood and feeling a sense of neglect from local Labour and Conservative representatives, Brian is determined to make a difference.


Residing in Heneage, where he raised his children, Brian has firsthand experience of the challenges facing the area. Now retired from his role as an engineer manager, he sees an opportunity to dedicate himself fully to the betterment of Heneage.


Brian's passion for revitalising the area is evident in his commitment to initiatives like organising community litter picks and tackling anti social behaviour. With his newfound time and energy, he is eager to contribute to the positive transformation of Heneage and ensure a brighter future for all.

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