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Call for Cleaner Streets

Brian Litter Pick in Heneage

As the streets of Heneage continue to deteriorate, Lib Dem Brian Barrett refuses to stand idly by. In a bold statement against the neglect from both Conservative and Labour councillors, Brian is championing the cause for a cleaner community.

Brian said, "Our streets are looking unkempt, and they have gradually gotten worse since the Lib Dems ran the council in 2011. I am calling for a cleaner Heneage, but in the meantime, I'm getting stuck in. I have already organised and taken part in a number of litter picks, and I pledge to do more."

While other councillors engage in political bickering, Brian remains focused on practical solutions. His commitment to organising litter picks demonstrates not only his dedication to the community but also his willingness to lead by example.

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