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A Voice for Change

Lib Dem Brian in Heneage

Liberal Democrats campaigner Brian Barrett has been making waves in the Heneage ward with his genuine commitment to listening to resident's concerns and taking action where others have fallen short.

Brian said, "You’ve told me that you call the Heneage ward councillors, but nobody picks up the phone. You email your Labour and Conservative councillors, but rarely get a reply. They never call at your door unless it’s election time. And if someone does eventually turn up to address the problem, it’s not long before that issue comes back.


"Both Labour and the Conservatives have neglected to clean up our streets and neglected to work with Humberside Police and our local community to make our area safe. Instead of prioritising essential services like street cleaning, anti-social behaviour, and enforcement departments at NELC, millions of pounds have been squandered on unnecessary vanity projects like council offices and the council’s Doughty Road Depot, leaving our streets and green spaces neglected".

However, Brian doesn't stop at just listening; he's actively working to tackle these issues head-on. Recognising the neglect of essential services like street cleaning and the failure to tackle anti-social behaviour, Brian is championing a new approach. He understands the importance of collaboration with Humberside Police and the local community to create a safer environment for all.

Furthermore, Brian is committed to holding North East Lincolnshire Council accountable for its actions. With millions of pounds wasted on unnecessary projects while basic services suffer, Brian is determined to push for transparency and responsible spending.


Brain continued, "We can change this. But only if we have a stronger Liberal Democrat opposition on North East Lincolnshire Council. If you elect me on 2nd May, I will press the Council for stronger enforcement and work closely with Humberside Police. I will make sure you get a proper reply to your phone calls and emails. I will hold NELC to account for the Council’s failures, including how they spend your money and deliver local services. Back me in at this local elections and you’ll get a local voice who’ll get things done."

Residents of Heneage ward have the power to make a difference. By backing Lib Dem Brian, you can ensure that your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed. 

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