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Action on Pavement Parking

Lib Dem Acton on Pavement Parking

As pavement parking continues to plague Heneage, particularly impacting wheelchair users and pedestrians, Liberal Democrat campaigner Brian Barrett steps forward with a clear plan of action.


Recognising the urgency of the situation, Brian pledges to address this escalating issue head-on if elected.

Brian said, "Pavement parking is escalating and is having an impact on wheelchair users.

If elected I will call on the council to allocate a portion of the promised government funding to invest in street layout improvements in the Heneage ward".

But Brian's commitment doesn't end there. In addition to advocating for infrastructure upgrades, the Liberal Democrat candidate vows to bolster enforcement measures where necessary. By combining proactive improvements with rigorous enforcement, Brian aim to create safer, more accessible streets for all residents.

The proactive stance taken by the Liberal Democrat candidate sharply differs from the perceived inaction of Labour and Conservative councillors in addressing the issue of pavement parking. While others may offer mere lip service or empty promises after years of being your councillor, the Liberal Democrat candidate has put forward a concrete and actionable plan designed to directly improve the lives of residents in Heneage ward.

As the local elections approach, the choice becomes clear: continue with the status quo of inaction or elect a Liberal Democrat candidate who is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work for the betterment of Heneage ward. With Brian's promise to tackle pavement parking head-on, the Liberal Democrats offer a beacon of hope for a more accessible and inclusive community.

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