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Stop Sewage Dumping

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats are calling on North East Lincolnshire Council to 'play its part' in helping to clean up and protect our waterways. 

Water companies are only allowed to dump raw sewage into our rivers in the most extreme of circumstances, but analysis of The Rivers Trust data by the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats revealed that in 2021, raw sewage was dumped into local rivers across North East Lincolnshire a total of 2394 hours.

More alarming still, these figures are likely an underestimate, as not all storm overflows in our area are monitored. Many will be releasing raw sewage into our rivers without the Environmental Agency even knowing. 

This year, Cleethorpes resort lost its Blue Flag status due to the reduction in water quality. Raw sewage is clearly making our bathing waters unsafe.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Nicola Aisthorpe said, "Although the sewage crisis is a national issue that is affecting many areas, North East Lincolnshire Council has a level of power and influence that should be used, particularly to help prevent adding to the problem any further. This includes strategic planning and working more closely with Anglian Water. The Liberal Democrats will not stand by and allow the continuing pollution of our precious rivers".​ ​

Liberal Democrat Councillor Lynsey McLean said, "Healthy rivers are vital for biodiversity and human health. We need urgent action now, before it is too late to reverse the damage!"

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats have launched a 'petition for debate' with our 5 point plan.

With enough signatures, we will take it to Full Council and demand action to help protect our rivers using powers that are available to the local authority.

Lend your voice to our campaign by signing this petition and demand North East Lincolnshire Council does more to protect our treasured waterways.

Without your help, this won’t happen.

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