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New Lib Dem Mayor of NELincs

Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Beasant has been sworn in as the new Mayor of North East Lincolnshire!

His nomination was proposed by Lib Dem Cllr Nicola Aisthorpe and Seconded by Lib Dem Councillor Lynsey McLean - his election was unanimous. 

Steve will put the environment and nature at the heart of his mayoral mission. Accepting his chain of office as a mayor-making ceremony in Grimsby Town Hall, Councillor Beasant said money raised during his year will go towards funding for new trees and wildflowers.

He called on all schools in the borough to get involved and he will visit as many of them as he can to inspire children to preserve the natural environment.


He is taking part in the Grimsby 10k next month to raise more money for planting trees tooo.

"We are in an environmental crisis and another wildlife garden like Buffalo Bill at Grant Thorold is needed. We will be sowing more wildflower meadows and planting trees. We need to leave a legacy and hopefully I can lead that to preserve our natural environment," he said.


The councillor, who is an avid cyclist, added: "It will be great to see all the schoolchildren getting involved. We want to see colour brought back to the borough and with the help of our children it can be there forever and a day."

Councillor Beasant will mark 20 years as a councillor during his year of office and this year marks his 45th Sapphire Wedding Anniversary with his wife Carol, who he described as his "rock." He also made a poignant acknowledgement to the former leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, Liberal Democrat councillor Andrew DeFreitas.


"If it had not been for Andrew I would not have joined the Liberal Democrats. I have Andrew to thank in many ways," he said. 

In other brilliant news, we now have 5 neighbouring Liberal Democrat Mayors in total - North East Lincolnshire, Beverly, Hessle, Bringlington & Hull, along with a Lib Dem run Council north of the river in Hull. We hope to emulate our Hull colleagues in North East Lincolnshire very soon.

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