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The £38K Question That Needs Answers!

In a further shocking turn of events on the wasteful expenditure of the now-infamous £38K palm tree structure in Cleethorpes that never materialised, NELC Conservative leader Councillor Jackson, at the helm of this controversy, claims, "neither he nor anybody else from the Conservative administration was responsible for the original concept or design". (Source: Gi-Media)

This statement leaves us all wondering: who, then, guides the ship of our council? If not the elected ruling administration, then who makes these expensive decisions that directly impact our community and its finances?

The palm tree debacle is not just about the misuse of £38K; it's a symptom of a larger issue at hand - transparency and responsibility - but it seems that accountability is being palmed off elsewhere.

It's time for clear answers from the Conservative ruling administration, particularly as accountability is the very foundation of trust between the public and those in power.

In pursuit of these answers, the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat group leader Cllr Nicola Aisthorpe, is set to challenge the council leader at the next full council meeting on 14th March 2024, and to remind the Conservative administration that they are in office to serve the public's interest, not obscure it.

The residents of our area deserve a council that invests in its community wisely, transparently, and with the public's interest at heart.

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