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Council’s 'Clear It Scheme' Falls Short

Local councillors have criticised North East Lincolnshire Council’s approach to tackling fly-tipping in the borough, stating that the recent ‘Clear It’ scheme falls short of tackling the root causes of the issue.

Over 16 tonnes of waste were successfully cleared from private land on Oxford Court in Grimsby under the scheme as a result of collaborative voluntary efforts from local residents, Liberal Democrat ward councillors, and support from North East Lincolnshire Council, who provided bins and facilitated waste disposal.

However, Liberal Democrat Councillors have expressed disappointment with the “lack of proactive enforcement intervention” from the Council, while emphasising the importance of holding private landowners accountable for maintaining their own properties. They also stressed the need for additional Council enforcement measures to identify culprits, along with methods to prevent repeat occurrences.

Lib Dem Councillor Steve Beasant said: “In the past, the Council have used enforcement powers to clear fly tipping on private land, and they should have taken the same action again. Instead of this being the case, officers approached Cllr Aisthorpe and I to apply for a Clear It scheme.

“Naturally, we welcome the fact that the land has been cleared, and we did not mind the hard work. However, the clearance should have been carried out by the various landowners – instead they’ve got away with it.”

East Marsh ward Lib Dem Councillor, Nicola Aisthorpe highlighted the escalating problem of fly-tipping in the East Marsh and across the borough, emphasising the need for more effective enforcement measures by the Council.

She said: “The ‘Clear It’ scheme is welcomed as a community engagement option, when and if people are able to volunteer, but it falls short of addressing the root causes of fly-tipping. 

Councillor Aisthorpe consistently raises the matter at Council meetings calling for comprehensive policies and actions to be implemented, adding that it is “time that perpetrators are held accountable and support is given for proactive measures to prevent future incidents, encouraging landowners to take responsibility of their own property.” 

“Despite the limitations imposed on us with the ‘Clear It’ scheme, the Liberal Democrats remain committed to tackling fly-tipping head-on. We will continue to advocate for meaningful solutions in Council that prioritise the well-being of our community, and hold wrongdoers and private landowners accountable.” She said.

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