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Bring Back 'Skip It' to Tackle Fly Tipping

To help tackle fly tipping in alleyways, Heneage campaigner Brian Barrett and the Lib Dem team are calling for the return of 'Skip It' - a once successful waste management initiative that provided residents with large skips for waste disposal, free of charge. 

Brian said, "It's time to stop both Labour and Conservative councillors from playing politics with our environment and the needs of our communities". 

"The previous Labour administration slashed the council’s alleyway clearance initiative, leaving our streets vulnerable to the scourge of fly tipping. And now, the Conservatives have the audacity to further exacerbate the problem by axing the 'Skip It' program.

“Their short-sighted decisions are not just disappointing; they're disgraceful. While they may see immediate cost savings, they're ignoring the long-term environmental and public health impacts. 

"It's a slap in the face to every resident who takes pride in keeping our streets clean. We deserve better. I am committed to keeping our neighbourhoods tidy, but the scourge of fly tipping and littering makes our area look and feel neglected. 

Having taken personal action by regularly conducting litter clean-ups in both Weelsby Woods and throughout Heneage, Brian underscores the importance of council support in ensuring the area's tidiness. The cutting of effective and sensible programs like 'Skip It' only hinders efforts to keep the community clean and vibrant.

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