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Meet your Liberal Democrat Campaigner

Yarborough Lib Dem

Aharon Wharton

I am Aharon Wharton, proud father, support worker and a true grimsby local. I am honoured to represent the Liberal Democrats as the candidate for Yarborough ward. 


I am deeply committed to addressing the pressing issues that affect our community. My decision to stand is fuelled by a genuine desire to make a difference. I am dedicated to bringing fresh perspectives and implementing practical solutions that will make a real difference in the lives of local people.


I understand the frustration many people feel with traditional party politics, which is precisely why I decided to align myself with the local Liberal Democrats. What sets the Liberal Democrats apart is our commitment to representing the collective voice of all local people. Unlike other parties, I am not bound to a party whip and I am free from directives from party leaders, businesses and unions. 


I firmly believe in the values of fairness, equality, and opportunity for all, and I am dedicated to bringing about positive change and building a brighter future for the Yarborough ward.

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