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Utilities Mayhem


In recent months, residents across our area have been subjected to intolerable levels of disruption and chaos on our streets, all thanks to the gross mismanagement of roadworks by the Conservative-led council. As a concerned member of this community and the Liberal Democrat candidate, I find it appalling that our local council has failed to address the traffic nightmares and hazardous conditions arising from poorly executed road and paving works.

The scenes of gridlocked roads, frustrated motorists, and pedestrians navigating through construction mess are not just inconveniences; they represent a failure of leadership and responsibility from elected officials. It is unacceptable that residents have been left to endure such chaos while attempting to carry out their daily lives.

The lack of foresight and planning on the part of the council has resulted in prolonged disruptions that not only inconvenience residents but also pose significant safety risks. From poorly marked detours to inadequate signage, the current state of affairs is a recipe for accidents and injuries.

As the Liberal Democrat candidate, I stand firm in my commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of our community. That is why my team and I are calling for stricter regulations to be implemented to ensure that roadworks are conducted in a manner that minimises disruption and prioritises safety.

It is imperative that the council takes immediate action to address these issues and implement measures to prevent such chaos from occurring in the future. This includes improved coordination between utility companies, contractors, and local authorities, as well as increased oversight and enforcement of roadwork standards.

In the upcoming elections, I urge residents to consider the track record of the current administration and demand better for our community. Together, we can ensure that our streets are safe, our roads are efficient, and our voices are heard. Vote for change, vote for accountability, vote for the Liberal Democrats.

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