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Sidney Sussex

Meet your Liberal Democrat Campaigner


Andy Burton

I'm Andy Burton, and Sidney Sussex ward isn't just where I live — it's my heart and home. As a parent raising my children here and actively involved in a local school, I'm deeply invested in our community's well-being and future.


Through my own life experiences, I've gained valuable insight into the needs of our community. I'm driven by empathy and a genuine desire to see our community thrive.


In my role as a local support worker, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges facing local residents, such as issues with fly-tipping and the need for cleaner streets. 


Like many, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress from both Labour and Conservative representatives in addressing these issues. Imagine if you kept returning to a shop that consistently short changed you. Similarly, we must question whether we can afford to continue supporting political parties that consistently fall short in delivering the meaningful change and progress our community so desperately needs.


In my view, politics should be about serving people, not party interests. Having had the privilege of working alongside the dedicated Liberal Democrat councillors in the neighbouring East Marsh ward, I have seen the positive impact of their tireless efforts to put local people first. These Councillors work tirelessly year-round, staying connected with their residents and addressing their concerns head-on. Inspired by their dedication, I'm determined to make a significant difference in the Sidney Sussex ward. I believe that together, we can bring about the change Sidney Sussex deserves.


As a man of my word, I believe in transparency, accountability, and delivering on promises.

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