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Prioritising Safer Streets

Loyd Lib Dem Tackling Crime_edited.jpg

The East Marsh Lib Dem team were involved in securing a £749,500 fund last year, aimed at enhancing safety in the East Marsh. This initiative included the installation of CCTV cameras, number plate recognition cameras against organised crime groups, new street lighting, installation of alleyway gates, and youth work.


In addition to these measures, East Marsh residents were offered a home security survey for free security upgrades to help protect their properties, such as additional security outdoor lighting, locks for windows and doors, alarms and in some cases, CCTV. 


Cllr Nicola Aisthorpe said, “Since day one of being a councillor, I was determined to make East Marsh a better place to live. That is why, at my very first Council meeting, I pushed for an ‘East Marsh Crime Plan’. My persistence led to the Council being given the Safer Streets funding, which has made a big difference for many local people”.


However, as concerns about violence have now emerged, Liberal Democrat candidate Loyd Emmerson and the East Marsh team have made it a priority to address the underlying issues of drug and alcohol abuse that are often contributing to the violence in our area.


With a focus on prevention and intervention, Loyd, Steve and Nicola are determined to implement strategies to help combat substance abuse and its associated harms. By engaging with community organisations, healthcare providers, and Humberside Police, the Lib Dem team aim to create a safer environment for all resident.

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