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Message from Lib Dem Leader

Watch latest message from Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat group leader, Councillor Nicola Aisthorpe.

Council meetings in North East Lincolnshire are often a disappointment. Instead of productive discussions, they regularly turn into pointless, political squabbles.

At the most recent meeting, the Labour Party proposed a costly audit report - a redundant move given the pending report. This proposal would have wasted approx £150,000 of taxpayers' money, and I couldn't support it.

I expressed concerns about the overspending of Council finances and reserves, and I highlighted issues I saw in the motion. Sadly, the response from Labour was personal attacks, rather than practical discussions about the motion.

Such petty politics is what's wrong with our local scene. The meeting became a political battleground, with Labour and Tories taking shots at each other's poor records.

From Labour's crazy paving, wasting millions, to the Tories' issues with child protection and recycling chaos, we heard it all!

It's no wonder it feels like nothing gets done here sometimes. This Council meeting showed us a concerning glimpse of what it will be like under Labour leadership - a situation no better than it is now with the Tories.

The truth? Residents aren't the main concern of the Tories or Labour —it's about securing power. They are both as bad as each other.

But the Liberal Democrats will persist in challenging, questioning, and proposing change, like our recent motion calling for action to help stop sewage being dumped in our rivers.

We're here to put the focus back on the people. We're fighting for a better deal for you!

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