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Call for Review of NELCs Waste Service

As the Council prepares to resume waste collections across the borough next week, Councillor Nicola Aisthorpe, Leader of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats, maintains a cautious outlook and voices disappointment with the handling of the waste service by both the Labour Party and Conservatives.

"I remain cautious about prematurely celebrating the end of the waste crisis until substantial improvements are evident," said Councillor Aisthorpe.

“Our party's commitment to a sustainable waste collection service is demonstrated through our actions, not just our words.

“For instance, in the past year, the top Six Councils with the most efficient recycling services were all under Liberal Democrat leadership. This achievement reflects our party's unwavering dedication to a greener future for our community, ensuring reliable waste collection services for everyone”.

As part of their commitment to the community's well-being, the Liberal Democrats have called for a extensive review of the Council’s waste collection service, with particular focus on contingency plans, to help prevent residents enduring similar hardships in the future. Councillor Aisthorpe added, “Our strategy centres around the well-being and satisfaction of the Council’s workforce to ensure they are supported to serve the public efficiently”.

Councillor Aisthorpe also voiced disappointment with the approach taken by the Labour Party and Conservatives, emphasising the negative impact of further burdening residents with political smear campaigns, during a time of crisis. “It's disheartening to observe the Labour Party's prioritisation of political point-scoring over practical solutions during a time of crisis” she remarked.

Reflecting on actions taken by both arguing parties during their terms in power, Councillor Aisthorpe points out that the Labour Party previously transitioned from weekly to fortnightly bin collections and put a stop to alleyway clearances, while the Conservatives introduced monthly recycling collections and have struggled with efficient management.

“Both party records on the waste collection service have obvious indications of failure, as far as many residents are concerned” said Councillor Aisthorpe. “I am contacted regularly by people who are increasingly frustrated with it, questioning the fairness of paying their hard-earned Council Tax for a service that consistently falls short of expectations and promises”

Councillor Aisthorpe concluded: "The people of North East Lincolnshire deserve leadership that prioritises their well-being and the health of our environment”.

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