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Grimsby Dental Desert

ince the pandemic, local dental services have continued to decay with Grimsby now a ‘dental desert’.


It is luck of the draw to get an NHS dental appointment as is, and due to the cost-of-living crisis too, many local people cannot afford to go private.


Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman Zachary Kellerman said: “Residents have expressed concerns that they are struggling to see an NHS dentist when they need to. Park Ward residents are being left waiting in pain for too long for dental care. Basic dental health should not be a luxury in our society.


“Many are being forced to shell out money they cannot afford for urgent dental care privately, while some even turn to desperation using dangerous DIY methods. I have heard of young parents that have had to take extortionate loans to pay for private treatment, just to be able to get their children basic care.


“We need change to make sure dentistry on the NHS is accessible to all. This must start by investing cash marked for NHS dentistry that has been left shamefully unspent and reforming a long broken system that has driven dentists away from working in the NHS system - for NHS patients."

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