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Call for Housing Reform

East Marsh ward Councillors, Nicola, Steve, and Loyd, have launched a petition urging North East Lincolnshire Council to reform its housing policy to tackle rogue landlords and unsuitable HMOs (houses of multiple occupation).

This affects everyone in the East Marsh, including homeowners. Unsafe living conditions and poorly managed properties can lower property values and affect the overall quality of our neighbourhoods. Tenants in rogue landlord properties face particularly dire circumstances, dealing with issues like neglect of repairs, lack of basic amenities, and even potential health hazards due to substandard living conditions. Addressing these concerns is crucial for safeguarding the well-being and rights of all residents in our community.

Despite the Council’s promises to address these problems, the situation has continued to deteriorate. ​

Lib Dem Cllr Nicola Aisthorpe said, “Rogue landlords are neglecting properties, bring down our streets and community. Some tenants report basic repairs to their landlords, then face eviction. The Council isn't doing enough to stop this or protect residents. We need stricter rules on landlords and better enforcement to fix housing issues, fly-tipping, and antisocial behaviour. Change is needed now!"

Fellow ward Councillor Steve Beasant said “Licensing of landlords was first discussed 10 years ago when I called on the then Labour council to start a new scheme. They failed, and now the Conservatives have failed too”. 

And Councillor Loyd Emmerson “During the recent election, I promised that our team would take action. With this petition, Lib Dems are now going to deliver on your behalf”.

The petition calls for:

1. Selective Licensing: This would require all landlords in East Marsh to obtain licenses monitored and enforced by NELC to ensure compliance to specific, high living standards. Responsible landlords stand to enhance their credibility and trust with the local authority, and will potentially support their investment and property value in the area by addressing poorly managed properties or removing them from the market entirely.

2. Article 4 Direction Regulation: This regulation would require all new HMO developments in the area to obtain planning permission, enabling thorough scrutiny to determine their suitability. 

The petition requires 400 signatures and will be presented to the next full council meeting in July by your Lib Dem Councillors.

Add your name using the link below to call for change!

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