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Ban No Fault Evictions

The number of people unjustly removed from their homes by court bailiffs because of a ‘no fault eviction’ (Section 21 notice) rose nearly 49% in 2023. Landlords often use it for 'revenge' against tenants seeking repairs.

It is alarming that the Conservatives keep stalling on their 2019 promise to ban ‘no fault evictions’.

Renters rights can not be ignored any longer.

Liberal Democrats are pushing for a ban on ‘no fault evictions’ to uphold renters’ rights and protect tenants who have not breached their contract.

Responding to figures that show no-fault evictions spiked by almost a third last year, Liberal DemocratHousing spokesperson, Helen Morgan MP said:

"Rishi Sunak's failure to bring forward the ban on no-fault evictions is having devastating consequences for vulnerable families across the country. 

"No family should lose their home through no-fault of their own. Yet, under this Conservative government that is exactly what they are allowing to continue.

"The Prime Minister needs to do something that does not come naturally to him, deliver on his government's promises."

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