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Local Party Membership Officer

What's the Role?

Managing your the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat   membership is a big task, but is also a highly rewarding one. It suits well organised people with great personal skills.

You are the main point of contact for most members, making sure that they are involved with the Lib Dem community where you live. You will arrange events for them to attend and get them involved with campaigning. You've also got the important job of keeping your members up to date with their payments, and are the local party lead on recruiting more members.

How to Apply

The Membership officer is a role on the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat Executive Committee. As such it is elected each year at your local party's AGM. Any member of the party can stand to be Membership officer.

Key Tasks

  • Compliant with using Lighthouse database.

  • Point of contact for existing members.

  • Monitor the membership payments.

  • Send emails welcoming new members and letting them know about upcoming events.

  • Help recruit and reach out to members with the Engagement Team.

Skills & Attributes

Being a great membership officermeans you'll need a few key skills and attributes:

  • A good all-round communicator.

  • Someone with strong attention to detail and good administrative skills.

  • A good event organiser.

  • Someone who is friendly and approachable, with good all-round people skills.

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