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Local Party Fundraising Officer

What's the Role?

Uplifting income is crucial for one of those outstanding results everyone talks about. It enables more resource and better quality output, and takes professional skills to make a bigger impact, match your opponent and optimise your result. 

Getting a basic fundraising framework set up will strengthen your local party's prospects in the short- and long-terms, while you will gain a coveted skill for your CV. You'll also make new contacts, be involved in interesting events and will become an indispensable part of your local team in Grimsby and  Cleethorpes.

How to Apply

This is a voluntary role in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes local party and are elected each year at your local party's AGM. Any member of the local party can stand to be the fundraising officer. 

Key Tasks

  • Champion the fundraising drive and goal.

  • Bring together and motivate a small team. 

  • Steer and coach the candidate(s), so they can help generate money too.

  • Identify or garner potential donors. Steward relationships with those donors.

  • Oversee fundraising appeals and asks.

  • Complete goals and stimulate new ideas.

Skills & Attributes

  • Well organised and likes getting things done.

  • Able to inspire others.

  • Not afraid of asking for money.

  • Can organise events.

  • Knows about marketing and sales.

  • Understands the power of social media.

  • Is positive and persuasive.

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