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Local Party Data Officer

What's the Role?

The Data Officer is the person with overall responsibility for the use and maintenance of data at a local party level.

Data Officers typically have logins to at least one of up to three databases which the party uses. In context of campaigns and elections, the Data Officer supports the local party and candidates to use data effectively and intelligently, to run targeted campaigns.

Skills & Attributes

Being a Data Officer gives you great influence, and it can enable you to make a big difference to the success of your local party. A good Data Officer would be somebody who:


  • Is a confident user of software.

  • Has excellent attention to detail.

  • Is analytical and observant.

  • Enjoys using data to solve problems.

  • Can understand and enforce regulations

Key Tasks

  • Responsible for ensuring the local party is GDPR complaint.

  • Manage campaign data using Connect database.

  • Manage membership data using Lighthouse database.

  • Manage email list, using Nationbuilder database.

  • Manipulate and use data for local campaigns and produce data as required.

  • Collect marked registers and oversee the data work involved after each election.

How to apply?

The Data Officer is a position on the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats party Executive Committee. As such, it is elected each year at the local party AGM. All local party members are eligible to stand.

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