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Forgotten Infrastructure

Forgotten Infrastructure LibDems

Our community is facing challenges as new housing developments outpace our road and sewage networks' capacity.


Liberal Democrat campaigner Dave Barton has been actively listening to the voices of local community members, who have expressed their frustrations with these infrastructure issues. From drainage problems causing flooded gardens to the aggravation of daily commutes due to congested roads, residents are feeling the impact of inadequate infrastructure firsthand.

In response to these pressing concerns, Dave Barton has made a commitment to prioritise our community's infrastructure if elected on May 2nd. He recognises the urgent need for action and pledges to call on the North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) to address these challenges head-on.

Ensuring that our roads and sewage systems can adequately support the growing needs of our community is essential for maintaining the quality of life for all residents. By investing in infrastructure improvements, we can mitigate the impact of new housing developments and ensure that our community remains a desirable and livable place for current and future generations.

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