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Safer Streets

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A £749,500 fund has been secured to help make East Marsh Streets Safer.


Nicola, Lynsey and Steve have been working hard, pushing the Council for more investment in the East Marsh to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour across the area.


After a long campaign, the East Marsh will receive £749,500 from the Home Office ‘Safer Streets’ fund. This money will go towards reducing crime, drug offences, anti-social behaviour and to help East Marsh residents be safe and feel safe.

A £749,500 fund has been secured to help make East Marsh Streets Safer.


The funding will be used to install more street CCTV cameras, number plate recognition cameras against organised crime groups, improved street lighting, installation of alleyway gates, and youth work.


There will also be support for local community groups, offering grants up to £7,500 to help cut crime or make environmental improvements to reduce the fear and accessibility of crime. 

East Marsh residents are also being offered a home security survey for free security upgrades to help protect their properties, such as additional security outdoor lighting, locks for windows and doors, alarms and in some cases, CCTV. 

Councillor Nicola Aisthorpe has been fighting for this fund in Council, ever since she was first elected. She said, "No one should feel unsafe in their own home and community. I made it my goal to push for an active crime plan and funding in East Marsh, by involving myself in various meetings with the Police and raising the matter in Council multiple times. 


“I am delighted this money has now been secured for the East Marsh. Please email me with any ideas on how this money should be spent and I will then put those views to a relevant committee made up of community officers including the police, the fire service, and local charities and community groups.” 

EAST MARSH Safer Streets Fund

Councillor Steve Beasant welcomes the funding and urges local people to get involved. He said, “I'm certain we can deliver a really good program and I'm sure all of the community will join us in getting behind it to help make areas in East Marsh more inviting, giving criminal activity no place to thrive and preventing crime from happening."


Councillor Lynsey McLean said, “The money for East Marsh Is fantastic news for East Marsh. It will deliver initiatives that will prevent and reduce crimes and anti-social behaviour, improve the security of the community and making a sustainable change for everyone living and working in East Marsh.”

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