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East Marsh Mural

East Marsh Mural

Work has begun to add a splash of colour in the East Marsh.

East Marsh Ward Councillors have teamed up with 3 local artists who live in East Marsh, to bring to life a wonderfully storied mural impression, created by acclaimed artist Dale Mackie, celebrating the heritage of the local high street and iconic architecture in the area.


The site for the mural is located on the side of Needham’s Butchers on Garibaldi Street, with kind permission from the owner Dave Needham.


The project has received widespread support within the ward from local organisations, businesses and residents, as numerous consultations were carried out in the vicinity of the area and online.


Councillor Lynsey Mclean said, “The wall for the mural has been a particular hot spot for anti-social behaviour and graffiti tagging for several years. The aim of this project is to replace random writing on the wall with a colourful mural that will ultimately create an East Marsh landmark, a destination and bring cheer to an average day”.  


Councillor Steve Beasant said, “The East Marsh Lib Dem team receive regular complaints about graffiti tagging right across the area, but the Tory Run Council only act if the graffiti is considered “offensive language”. This leaves graffiti tagging to continue virtually unchallenged, which is detrimental to our local community. That is why we have funded for an additional topcoat to seal the artwork, which will apparently allow for any tagging graffiti to be easily removed without damaging the mural, should it happen”. 


Councillor Nicola Aisthorpe said, “We would like to encourage the whole of the East Marsh community to come together in a bid to add a splash of colour to the area. If is important that the finished product represents local people’s input and ideas, to hopefully create something of a legacy artwork that is unique to East Marsh. 


If you would like to get involved, please contact Nicola for further details on planned community actions days through email at: or simply turn up to the site and speak to one of the artists. 

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