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Addressing Empty Properties


Empty properties have become a blight in the Park community, and the situation is only worsening.


Lib Dem Zach Kellerman is taking a stand against the neglect of these vacant homes by both Conservative councillors in Park ward, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Zach said, "I am fed up with hearing about the council approving planning applications for new homes on greenfield land when there are hundreds of empty homes across our area. Some have been empty for years."

Zach's frustration is shared by many residents who are tired of seeing neglected properties tarnish their neighbourhoods

The issue of empty properties goes beyond mere aesthetics; it represents a wasted opportunity to provide much-needed housing for those in need. With affordable housing becoming increasingly scarce, the failure to address the problem of empty homes is nothing short of neglectful. 

While Conservative councillors may pay lip service to the importance of housing affordability and community development, their actions—or lack thereof—speak louder than words. Despite the rhetoric, empty properties continue to blight our community, and the need for concrete action is more pressing than ever.

Zach Kellerman refuses to accept this status quo of neglect. As a champion for the community, he is committed to holding NELC accountable and advocating for practical solutions to address the issue of empty properties.

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