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Clearing Alleyway

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The East Marsh Liberal Democrats team, Loyd, Nicola and Steve, has made significant strides in cleaning up our community. They've cleared an impressive 16 tonnes of waste from private land on Oxford Court, along with 7.5 tonnes from an alley on Castle Street. Additionally, they've tidied up several other areas, including Hanson Way/Rutland alleyway and Columbia/Fairmont Road alleyway, with a promise to continue their efforts.

However, despite their hard work, the Lib Dem team has expressed disappointment with the lack of proactive enforcement intervention from the Council. 

Cllr Nicola Aisthorpe consistently raises the matter at Council meetings calling for comprehensive policies and actions, adding that "it is time that the culprits of fly tipping are held accountable and support is given to residents to help prevent future incidents, while encouraging landowners to take responsibility of their own property.” 


Lib Dem campaigner Loyd Emmerson said, “Despite the limitations imposed on us by the council, the Liberal Democrats remain committed to tackling fly-tipping head-on. I am joining Nicola and Steve to advocate for meaningful solutions in Council that prioritise the well-being of our community, and hold wrongdoers and private landowners accountable.” 

Cllr Steve Beasant said, "Labour stopped clearing fly-tipping from alleyways, and the Tories are doing no better in tackling the issue. With our sleeves rolled up, the Lib Dems remain committed in our dedication to creating a cleaner and safer community for all residents".

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