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Become a Councillor

Join us in our mission to create positive change in North East Lincolnshire, and a more productive local government.

If you want to further make a difference in your ward and contribute to the betterment of North East Lincolnshire, this is your chance to step forward.


Being a candidate is an empowering and an effective way to bring change to your local ward and to North East Lincolnshire as a whole. 

All prospective candidates will be guided through our inclusive, transparent, and straightforward approvals process. We assess competencies and life skills, focusing on your abilities rather than formal qualifications or connections.

​Maybe you've been doing voluntary work, bringing up a family, or doing a job not directly related to politics. Your transferable skills will be recognised. 


There are specific qualities we value in our future Councillors. Here's what we're looking for: Being a Councillor - Person Specification

Becoming a local Councillor involves various responsibilities, outlined here: Councillor Job Description

Candidate Support and Training

The Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrat party offers mentoring to support individuals who are in the process of becoming a Councillor. 


Whether you need general information, specific advice or skills-based help in a particular area, we can help.

We also run a variety of training sessions, action days & events designed to support and encourage aspiring Councillors.

Ready to apply?

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