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Ainslie Rec Fly Tipping


Our streets should be the pride of our communities, yet they are marred by unkempt street signs, graffiti, litter, fly-tipping, potholes, and dog fouling. Meanwhile, many of our cherished green spaces suffer from neglect and poor maintenance. It's a stark reality that underscores the misaligned priorities of the Conservative-led council with the genuine needs of Park ward residents.


Local people are rightfully frustrated by the lack of decisive action taken by the council to address these pressing issues. Instead, what we often see are half-hearted measures rolled out around election time, only to be forgotten once the votes are cast. This tokenism is simply not good enough. The time for genuine, sustained action is long overdue.


Recent publications have highlighted the Conservative councillors for Park ward boasting about tackling fly-tipping in Ainslie Park "for good." However, a mere glance at the area reveals a starkly different truth. Fly-tipping remains a persistent problem, as evidenced by the piles of rubbish behind and across the park (see photo). It's clear that the Conservatives supposed solution has fallen short, with little to no foresight put into preventing its recurrence.


Zach said, "Local people are telling me they are left feeling ignored and disillusioned by the disconnect between the council's promises and the reality on the ground".


We deserve streets that are clean, safe, and welcoming for all. We deserve green spaces that are well-maintained and accessible to everyone in the community. And most importantly, we deserve a council that listens to our concerns and takes decisive action to address them.

It's time for a change!

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