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Action on Violence & Crime

Lib Dems Action on Violence & Crime

The Liberal Democrats are focusing on crime in Immingham, Stallingborough and Habrough, where the levels of violence are worrying.


Local resident and Lib Dem campaigner Dave Barton has been talking to people in the area and they've expressed concern about the lack of visibility of local police officers. This has raised worries about safety among residents, especially at night.


Dave is committed to taking tangible action to address the pressing issue of crime and safety in the area. As part of his proactive approach, Dave pledges to:


1. Work closely with law enforcement agencies to increase police presence in the ward, especially during high-crime hours.


2. Advocate for stronger measures at NELC to address antisocial behaviour in public spaces, ensuring that residents feel safe and secure in their communities.

3. Collaborate with local organisations and community groups to implement crime prevention initiatives and support programs for at-risk youth and vulnerable people. 

4. Hold regular ward surgeries to hear directly from residents about their concerns and priorities for improving safety in the ward.

It's time for real change, and Liberal Democrat Dave Barton is leading the charge towards a safer, more secure area for all.

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